Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jacquelyn + Jude's Wedding

Jacquelyn and Jude got married this week! I flew up on Saturday to help them get ready for the big day. My mom and Rich picked us all up from the airport, we ran a few errands, and then headed up to Colville for the partying to begin!

We rested up on Sunday and made our to-do list for the week. Jude's brother Thomas stayed with us and was extremely helpful all week.

Monday's mission was to get the cake ordered, so Jacquelyn and I ran around town looking at wedding magazines and getting quotes on cakes. We ended up with a custom design from Heather's bakery, supplemented by mini-cake bites from the new cupcake place in town! We also stopped by my aunt Connie's house to talk about flowers, which she offered to do...for FREE!!

Tuesday, we ran around town picking up plates, cups, and other supplies while my mom and Jude had to perform the dump of shame (taking in the recycling) which was composed of about 47,000 beer bottles from the past few days!

Wednesday, Jacquelyn and Jude's assignment was to write their vows while I picked up Autumn from the airport in Spokane. We did our obligatory supply run to Target and Macy's to stock up on American necessities for the months to come, and then back up to Ron & Julie's for a welcome home barbecue with Autumn's favorites - barbequed chicken, broccoli-bacon salad, and lemony noodles.
Thursday, the rest of the wedding party rolled into town from Montana, and we had the bachelor/ette party. In the morning, Jacquelyn's bridal crew of Jen, Shannon, Cassie, Amber, Jamie, mom and I made about 30 pounds of pasta salads and 50 burritos for the rehearsal dinner and wedding. It was quite a feat of assembly-line cooking. In the afternoon, we went down to Happy Dell park for a friendly game of baseball. The Huff's were super-serious about the game, with warming up, practicing, etc. while the rest of us "warmed up" with some beers! Highlights of the game included an near-miss / accidental line-drive by yours truly directly to Jacquelyn's face, which she luckily caught in the nick of time and a slide into second / tackle performed by Jacquelyn resulting in a scratched up leg that she proudly showed of on Saturday during the wedding. After the game, Cassie and I barbequed the kebobs she made, and then we headed back to the cabin for wedding Jeopardy and mustache-themed fun!

Friday morning, we set up the tents, dance floor, tables, chair, bar and everything else for the big day. The bridesmaids put up one tent all by themselves, while the groomsmen were nowhere to be found! Everything came together just in time for the rehearsal dinner, where we met Jude's family, which may have been even bigger than ours! We had a great time, and everyone got *plenty* of rest for Saturday.

Saturday was the wedding. Jen did everyone's hair, and we made the last minute preparations. It started to rain just as we were starting pictures (thank you photography-master aunt Lisa!), so we just set up a mobile bar on the porch and waited it out. The rest of the afternoon was clear, and the ceremony was heartfelt and hilarious! The party lasted well past 2:00 am, and a good time was had by all.

Here are the photos from the week!

 "Warming up" for the game!
 It's always a happy time at Happy Dell Park
 Autumn getting her game on.
 Jude at bat.
 Newlywed hats!
 Home run fun!
 Kebob-masters Eric & Cassie!
 Wedding Jeopardy courtesy of Stephanie


 Our beautiful bartender with a fabulous faux-hawk!
Tiki-bar resurrected!
The inspiration for our welcome drinks!
Step-brotherly love!
The main event with Jacquelyn and Dad (aka ZZ Top!)
Wedding toasts by Best Man Nathan and Maid of Honor Cassie.
 Jude using all his might to cut the cake!
Ha-ha smashing cake is fun!
Welcome to the family Jude! 
Is it just me, or does Nathan appears confused about what to do...!?!

Mom celebrating a week of hard work with Leah!
 Autumn's family tending bar!
Bridesmaids in action!
Dad and Michelle wowed with origami table decorations!
Jen gave Julie an impromptu matching faux-hawk!
Bouquet-toss! Is that single lady a ghost or the Flash?!? Look at those lighting-fast moves!
Partying 'til the break-a-break-a dawn!

Jacquelyn & Jude Huff
June 25, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Sorry, I Don't Know Whose Coffee This Is...

While Eric was gone I went to work...I'm sure this surprises no one.  :)  On the way, I stopped at Starbucks.  I frequent this particular Starbucks, give my order to the same guy...and they spell my name differently every time.  This time, I was....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Las Estacas

On Saturday, we headed south to a spa/river park/campground that actually turned out to be amazing! It was so well put together, clean and beautiful. There was a spring-fed river flowing through the park, inner tubes for rent, cheap beer, and good friends. We had a great time.

 This super-helpful map was inside the park...
...not on their website! Also, the roads do not appear on any GPS, so we may or may not be returning.

 Crystal clear waters and non-scary seaweed!

One of the many activities was diving for ice-cold "river-mangos".
Autumn quickly showed her natural talent for collecting these little gems.
She also made friends with one of the kids that came with us, and dubbed his boat the S.S. Mango. 

 Jungle paradise!

 Taking a break from snorkeleando.


...relaxing in the shade!

 Autumn had a little trouble staying on her tube, much to the joy of the locals!

 Fishys, fishys everywhere!
These seemed to be relatives of the mighty goldfish, but one of our compatriots was positive from the description, that they were most definitely PIRANHAS!!

 The "seaweed" was kind of like underwater evergreens with tiny flowers and BUBBLES!!

 I love Mexico's lack of safety measures!
Yes, this"swing" was just a stick tied to a branch with a long rope, but there was a lifeguard too....perfectly safe!!

 Autumn even got in on the action!

 Goodbye Las Estacas!
We'll miss you!!

 And finally, U-N-I-C-O-R-N statue!!

Just kidding it was a guy riding a horse holding a poorly placed sword.