Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to Panama City!

Today was our first day in Panama with Carri and Jason!  We went out for our first tourist excursion today.  At first we tried to catch the red double decker tourist bus at Mi Pueblito, a recreation of a village.  After a spin around Mi Pueblito, the bus was nowhere to be seen!  We hopped into a cab and went to check out the Panama Canal, and it was amazing.  I got to wave at a cruise boat going through!!  We ended the day with a Peruvian feast.  It was a good day for all!

Hola from Mi Pueblito!

The replica village in its lonely glory.

Cheese with a peeker!

Cow selfie!

Finally, we approach!  Miraflores!

There goes a cruise-liner...everyone wave!!!

The dad-nap-o-matic!

A cargo vessel preparing for passage.

And here comes an enormous cargo vessel.  A ship like that pays about $330,000 US to transit the canal.

After we had our fill of canal, we went back to the apartment to relax.  Baby hammock peek!

More hammock fun!

The pool!

Tropical flowers in the afternoon.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Pool!

Thanks to both Crazy Grandma Cathy and Aunt Linda for sending us inflatable baby pools! You've saved our hot and steaming afternoons!

Best baby buds!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We had such a wonderful time on this trip! Special thanks to Krissy for being our tour guide and social director in Ireland. Hopefully, we can return the favor some day! One last picture from the trip...our loot!

Baby clothes and Asian groceries...
...isn't that what everyone goes to Europe to buy?

Also, Kylie slept for a huge portion of our flight home. We ditched the car seat at the gate and put a large fluffy pillow on the seat between us. Not 100% there yet, but it was a serious improvement!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back to Lisboa

Our trip from Dublin to Lisbon was more or less uneventful. No hot water or AC in the hotel in Portugal (can you tell we're headed back to Latin America? haha!). Seriously though, don't stay at the Airport Holiday Inn Express there. But barring a delayed pizza delivery and botched wine order, we got a few hours of sleep, Starbucks the next day and a little bit of relaxation before our flight back to Recife.

 Hand a baby a phone, and you'll see screens you never knew existed! WTF?

Our one photo from a quick outing in Lisbon before our flight!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dublin 5

Today is our last day in Dublin, so we crammed one more morning of touristing in! We stopped by the Queen of Tarts for breakfast on our way to St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then spent an hour searching for diapers and wipes that I had forgotten to pack that morning. We averted a near diaper-disaster and hurried through the cathedral on our way back home to pack. Whew!

 O'Connell St. and the Dublin Spire (the tallest structure in the city!)

 Greetings from the Merchant's Alley

 First breakfast at McDonald's (no Sausage McMuffins in Brazil!)
Second breakfast at the Queen of Tarts!

 Sun coming up over the city

 We stumbled upon St. Catherine's while searching for emergency diapers!

 St. Patrick's Cathedral at last!

 None shall pass...just kidding 5 please.

 Originally built in 1254!

 The stained glass was impressive!

 More floor mosaics





 Very old flags

 View from the pulpit

 A harp? What a coincidence that the building was restored by Sir Benjamin Guinness in 1860!

  A high cross!

This stone was found in St. Patrick's well and dates from AD 450! So old!

Thank you Johnathan and Krissy for a wonderful time!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dublin 4

Fully rested and recovered (except for J-Bone who was still a bit under the weather), we headed out for an action packed day of fun and adventure with Ireland's national pastime....drinking!! First stop was the Guinness Storehouse, then a surprisingly efficient horse-drawn carriage ride back to Temple Bar to meet up with Johnathan for a late lunch, followed by live music and dancing with Kyliezinha in the afternoon.

 Lil' K got up with the sun, so we had a little pre-breakfast snack!

 Heading over to tour the Guinness Storehouse on a frosty March morning!

 So excited!

 Bottles, beers, taps, and a Guinness sculpture!

 So much Guinness, so little time!

 The year's first contender for Oakley family Christmas card!

 Fun fact:  Krissy is an official graduate from the Guinness school of bartending!

 Finally, our "free" pints

 Guinness mustaches

 Even Kylie had fun!
(again primarily due to a pocket full of grapes)

 View over Dublin
(hint: the white domes have Guinness in them)

 Group shot!

 Eric:  Let's take a horse-drawn carriage ride!
Everyone else:  *crickets*
Eric: No seriously, it will be fun!

And fun was had by all!

 Krissy demonstrating what to us is two way to say "all good" or "ok",
but don't do #2 in Brazil because, it means a$%#0!e

 Snug as a bug in a rug!

 More carriage fun!

 Who's winning the t-shirt contest on the O'Winston's home turf?
For more info on why this is funny, see Krissy and Johnathan's blog Stories from Somewheres

 Our lil chub!

 Could Dublin be cuter?!?

 Finally! Proof that we did see Johnathan on this trip!

 DELICIOUS Guinness Stew and Roast Beef at Quays

 Kylie showing off her cool moves!

 Autumn "forgot" to mention that we embarrassingly ate 
almost every dinner in Lisbon at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

What? We're American's and the Portuguese food was just about 
the same as the Brazilian food the we have a home in Recife. 

Don't judge.

 Ha' Penny Bridge over the Liffey River

Say cheese! I'm busy eating raisins guys! - K