Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dublin, Day 1

This morning we had a lovely Irish breakfast cooked up by our fab hostess, Krissy, and then we set out to explore Dublin!

Casual trading is prohibited.  All trading must be wearing a 3-piece-suit.

Group selfie!

Oakley family, including a smiling baby.

Here we are on the campus of historic Trinity College.  According to Krissy, our fab tour guide and excellent company, students of Trinity College do not pass under this arch.  Apparently it will curse them to fail all their classes.  While we were here, not a soul passed under.  Must be true!

A sculpture on campus.  I think it's supposed to be the world, but it looks a bit like the Death Star to me.

Irish streetscape.

I got to go to the Asia Market to get some much needed dumpling supplies.  Yay!!

The entry arch to St. Stephen's Green.  This was such a nice park, full of birds.  Kylie spent the whole time flapping her little arms in awe.

This is the office of Ireland's Prime Minister, the Taoiseach.

YAY!  !!

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