Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Morning Lisbon!

After a good night sleep (babes slept past 8:00!!) we set out for a morning of exploring.  We walked down to the waterfront in gorgeous weather!  What a great morning!

This umbrella is serving as an impromptu baby leash for new walkers who really just must walk!

Pork cutlet sandwich for breakfast.  Yum!

What a gorgeous sight!  The hat and glasses lasted about 60 seconds, but at least we caught the shot.  :)

Portuguese tile work in the plaza.  We have this type of stone work all over Brazil  It is fun to see where the patterns and the art form originated.

Monument in the plaza.

The view up the street.  Just a castle on the hill, no biggie.

More tile work.

I think this one looks like a crab.

Street car passing by.

A tuk-tuk painted special to attract tourists.

Family selfie!  Babes still doesn't have the hang of this.

What a great place to run, run, run!

Yesterday someone told us this is the point where some of the Portuguese explorers set out to sea.  Wow.

Having a break in the (not boiling hot) sun.

Play time!!

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