Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dublin 3

Today was a day of rest and recovery after our late night out. Also, there was a rugby game across the street, so we were held captive by the crowds. Luckily, Krissy planned a dinner party with Angie and Chronis featuring Chicago-style deep dish pizza (note to self, get a deep dish pizza pan). It was so great to hang out with friends and catch up! In other important news, Kylie got her first bath in a REAL TUB...with JETS! She just has a large tupperware bin at our house since we only have showers. Needless to say, she was impressed!


 Wow! That's a lot of people!

 A super cute (and itchy) sweater...

A Texas-sized appetizer!
Hello cheese-cation!

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  1. Love the variation of cheeses and meats! Wish we had the same here in Recife