Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vamos Para Belem!

For our last day in Lisbon, we stored our luggage at the airport, hopped into a taxi and headed out to see the historic sights of Belem.  The weather continued to wow, and what a lovely afternoon!

  French pastries for breakfast.  Yum!

Someone is excited!!

The Tower of Belem.  This was the first site the home bound Portuguese explorers saw as they returned from their explorations.

The view from inside the tower.

Family picture time!!

Beautiful stone carvings at the tower.


Lunch at a Euro-por-kilo.  Yum.  Having to pay 50 cents to use the bathroom at a place I already bought from??  YUCK!


A boat heading out to sea.

The monument of exploration, reaching out.  The weather could not be more beautiful.

 A map of Portuguese exploration.  It says they reached Recife/Olinda in 1500, but they didn't actually carve "Recife" or "Olinda" there...just 1500.

Babes is all packed up.  Cheese!

The fountain in front of Jeronimos Monastery.

The monastery's ornately carved door.

Here lies Vasco de Gama (WHAT?!).

The nave of the church in the monastery.  Stunning.

Then we walked around the monastery's courtyard.  It was so stunning.

Almost every inch was ornately carved.

One last look as we head out.

We made it to Dublin after one of the worst flights of our lives.  It was 2.5 hours of screaming.  Wow.  Talk about relieved to get off an airplane...just wow.

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