Friday, August 31, 2012

Pig Out in the Park

After Autumn's baby checkup today, we strolled through Pig Out in the Park for lunch.


 If anyone in Spokane knows if these guys have a restaurant, food truck or other sandwich delivery method, please let us know. These were the best cheesesteaks I've ever had outside of Philly!

 Longhorn BBQ was a childhood favorite that hasn't lost it's delicious charm!

Instead of deep-fried-anything, we opted for the slightly more healthy frozen cheesecake on a stick for dessert.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Auto View Theatre!

Since Colville is somewhat lacking in after-hours activities, Autumn and I headed out to the drive-in to see the new Total Recall. I am a big fan of the original movie and was very excited to see the remake. Autumn was a good sport and tagged along.

Fun Fact #1:  Colville allegedly has one of two drive-ins in Washington State.

Fun Fact #2:  The original Total Recall was filmed on location in Mexico City and prominently featured their subway, which was quite futuristic in 1990. (NOTE: It is not currently futuristic.)

 They still have the same sign from when I was a kid!

The drive in was a fun time for all, as always.

Come one, come all!

It's time for the NE WA Fair in Colville!  After watching the fair parade this morning, we were very excited to scamper on over to the fairgrounds to see such marvelous attractions as farm animals, quilts, canned goods and all manner of ridiculous fair food!

The attractions were many.

In case this was not noticed, these cows have horns.  Horns are dangerous.

Oh yes, the real reason to go to the fair.

We thought this was a little unnerving for the poor little sheep...color diagramming the cuts of meat right on it.  :(

We got to look and learn!

This was my favorite thing..ever.  Cats "walking" on leashes, going through obstacle courses and "following" commands.  We laughed so hard we nearly fell over.

Do not be fooled!

Oh yea, photo (shop) time!

Let's Have a Parade!

This morning we arose bright and early and made our way to town to see the much anticipated Colville Fair Parade!

Top o' the morning to you!  It was a little colder than expected...

Chilly morning cheese!

Soon, we were greeted by royalty!!

Then it was time for the local floats...well, most towns had floats.  Kettle Falls had an old pick up...

There's Ron in the parade!  Everyone wave!!

I think the tractor portion of the parade was the largest.

And this might have been the oddest....

Super fun parade, and now it's off to the fair!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Dinner Cruise

As summer winds down here in the beautiful Inland Northwest, we are taking full advantage of the warm evenings!  Tonight my mom and Ron took us out on the boat for a dinner cruise on Lake Roosevelt.  The weather was perfect, and there was not another person to be seen on the lake, or on the land.  I am so lucky to be from such a beautiful place!


Here we are enjoying the ride.

View of the bridges from the water...there is construction on the car bridge (left) that will involve overnight closures right when the baby is due...hmmm... 

Even I get to join in on the fun, though my beer is of the non-alcoholic persuasion!

The world according to Eric's glasses.

And then there's the lake...

And again at dusk.  So beautiful!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Only in Spokane

This is really the first time that we've spent more than a weekend in the Inland Empire, and we have come across a number of "only in Spokane" moments. Enjoy...!

We drove by the stun gun sale, and it was basically just a stand in some guy's yard.
And yes, that is a school in the background!
 Some lady "using" the drive-thru at Starbucks.
I'm sorry, but if you have to get out of the car anyway, WHY ARE YOU IN THE DRIVE-THRU?

The cashier informed us that the lady's window wasn't working. 
Sorry Borderiguez, but that's just ghetto!

 And finally, just some generic redneck-ness!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekend in Seattle

Autumn and I decided to have a little "babymoon" in Seattle this weekend. We had a great time, and got to visit with friends, get massages, Autumn got a haircut and we got to visit with my family who were in town for a Mariners game. Naturally, our first stop was at Trophy for CUPCAKES!!!'s been too long!

 Cookies 'n Cream and Salted Carmel....YUM!

 Stephanie and Autumn in a coffee battle royal:
Tiny-spresso VS. DECAF!

Last minute stop at Trophy for cuppys to go!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's a Baby Shower!

My mom, Carri, Cathy and Lynn were so nice to throw me a baby shower today!  It was so great to see everyone who came and visit.  Thank you to all who came out, and especially to the ladies who threw the party.  It was so fun!

They know me so well...cupcakes for all!

Eric made it safe and sound, and just in time to party!

Mom and I enjoying the afternoon.


The Kettle Falls Pharmacy was low on baby shower balloons, but Hello Kitty was a fine stand in.


The decor was exactly my style!

Even with paper dingle-balls and everything!

Carri and I looking fab!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I finally made it home.  Maternity leave begin!  I don't have to report back to DC until November, and there is much going on between now and then.  These next couple of weeks before the baby comes will be spent preparing and relaxing.  Carri came up yesterday and will be here through the weekend.  We are having so much fun!!  Eric is arriving tomorrow with our car...everything is coming together!

Good morning Lake!

Even after 2 years living in Mexico with the real deal, I still have a soft spot for American-Mexican food...

This will be a great 3 months :)

Thanks Carri for the great pics!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Road Trip!

While Autumn flew first class back to Spokane, I drove the car from Falls Church to Kettle Falls. The highlight of the trip was getting to visit Jacquelyn and Jude in St. Paul, which was ridiculous as always!

My route!
 Jacq 'n Jude!

We went out to dinner at Chino Latino with J&J's neighbor and had a great time!

 The Painted Canyon in the North Dakota Badlands...
...WARNING - Unstable Area!