Tuesday, August 7, 2012

That Would Be MY 3/3!

So today was finally the big day...Portuguese Test Day!  I have been dreading this day, but here it was nonetheless.  Eric and I both tested today, and we both received the required 3/3 score (Eric actually got a 3/3+, but who's counting, right??)!!  What that means is that my employer deems my Portuguese speaking and reading skills to be at professional fluency.  This is incredibly remarkable to me because 4 months ago, we could not speak a word of Portuguese...now we can express almost any concept in fairly grammatically sound Portuguese...and our accents and Spanish intrusion aren't bad either.  :)  

It feels amazing to be done.  I have worked extremely hard the past 4 months, and to achieve my goal at the end is great.  In celebration we had a big party with a bunch of friends this evening, which was great.  We leave tomorrow for Washington State, so it was great to see everyone before we head out.  Thanks to all who came out to wish us well!

Here I am, at the beginning of my ninth month of pregnancy, looking fabulous!  :)

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