Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 Years!

Happy Anniversary!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Shaped Pancakes with Bananas!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back Home in Brazil

Just getting back into our normal routines now that we're at home.

Gelato from our favorite place.

K isn't too sure about it yet.

But she's always willing to keep trying new things...

....and licking new things...

....and more licking!

Hmmm....return rejected since it took more than 30 days to mail a pair of galoshes back and forth?
No problem!

Custom fit!

RING! RING! Hello? Baby phone!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The LONG Trip Home

Today we began our long trip back to Brazil. Thankfully / we had no choice, we were in Business Class! The price tag hurt, but the trip was 1000% better than the trip here. Kylie had tons of space to play and there were two other babies, so she had some little friendzinhos!

Lounging and playing before boarding.

The key to a happy baby?
Bon jour Pierre the Bear!

The key to a happy Autumn?
Champagne and a fully recline-able seat!

Flying in style!

International food buffet for breakfast!
French baby food and Israeli formula!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Last Day in Paris

We took it easy on our last day in Paris. No big sights, just walking around, eating, shopping and enjoying the city. We have had such a wonderful trip. We will be back again someday! Also, it was the 4th of July! It was kind of weird being out of the US, but we did see one bar having a celebration next door to a Mexican restaurant where we had dinner.

Babes in her fave baby beret! Ready for action!

Where the treaty was signed to end the Revolutionary War! 

Whew! Exhausted from a morning of shopping!

Hydrangeas in bloom!

Notice who is playing second in Salle 1! LOL!

Book, art and junk stalls along the river!
We picked up a couple of cute prints to add to our collection.

"Love locks" on Pont des Artes!

There's ours!
We didn't throw the key into the river, as Autumn thought that was like littering.


I'm done napping!

A cute flower shop

We finally got into La Duree, and it was amazing! Clockwise from top:
Coffee and vanilla eclairs
Fancy box
Wine to accompany our afternoon snack
Flavors:  Pistachio, Orange Blossom, Ginger, Rose & Strawberry Mint (among others)

Our Paris loot!
(including a new wardrobe for the baby!)

This pic was taken by a rando street book seller, so I made her email it to me!

Au revoir Paris!
Keep it tres classy!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Touristing By Bus

Today we took it a little easier than normal.  Eric went out and procured us an amazing breakfast, then we went on a bus ride around Montmartre.  Much fun was had by all!

Delicious fresh  breakfast en casa.  The fresh berries and cherries might be my favorite part.  YUM.

I deem this to be a macarão, both because of its large size and because it was full of pistachio cream, and was amazing.

Babes and Eric posing for a shot with the city!

Here we are aboard the bus, beret and all!

 The Paris Opera House
Views up the streets.

Humph.  Someone took my beret.

The Moulin Rouge.  Rather small and unimpressive in real life.

More views around the city.

Oakleys on a bus!

Le Grand Hotel

We had some amazing cheeseburgers at this Irish pub.  Yum.

There's the bus.  Au reviour bus!

Ahh yes, it is like an oasis.

The perfect way to wrap up a busy touristing afternoon.

The French flag on a blustery afternoon.

Then this happened.  Uhoh...she can stand up in bed on her own.

Remember The Bon??

This afternoon we set out with the high intentions of visiting some pretty heavy historical and cultural sites when we found ourselves pleasantly sidetracked by a luxury department store, some art and some fancy cookies.  Life is good on vacation!

We encountered this gorgeous building en route to lunch.

Everyone's ready for lunch, including a baby!  A big thank you to my cousins T & L for the baby spoons and baby food cookbook gifts at my shower last summer.  Those are some of the most useful things we have!  The spoons have now been on 4 continents, and we would have never known about Kylie's love of prunes without the book!  :)

Vacation lunch drinks..a cold beer for Eric and Coke Light for Diet Coke...except somehow better...and far superior to the wretched Coke Zero...

French cafe lunch.  Amazing.

An adorable octi amidst the graffiti.

OMG.  En route to our super serious historical sites, we crossed paths with this department store, Le Bon Marche.  Our readers who were raised in the Northwest remember that before we had Macy's there, we had the Bon.  The Bon was my first employer as a real adult.  I worked at the one in downtown Spokane, then the one in downtown Seattle throughout college.  I sold clearance, women's ready-to-wear, bathing name it!  I was even in a loss prevention video that is apparently still shown there.  Two Junes ago, Eric's sister got married (read about it here), and at that wedding I was approached by two individuals who I apparently attended high school with who informed me that they had recently seen said video in their new jobs at what is now Macy's.  I was paid only in a free sandwich for my the time that was a lot.  I think maybe I should have held out for more....

So anyway, that store, the Bon Marche in the Northwest, was based on this store.  So cool!!

After our shopping trip we came is Kylie oogling the precious.

Happy to see a bakery open late.

Delicious macarons for all!