Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Touristing By Bus

Today we took it a little easier than normal.  Eric went out and procured us an amazing breakfast, then we went on a bus ride around Montmartre.  Much fun was had by all!

Delicious fresh  breakfast en casa.  The fresh berries and cherries might be my favorite part.  YUM.

I deem this to be a macarão, both because of its large size and because it was full of pistachio cream, and was amazing.

Babes and Eric posing for a shot with the city!

Here we are aboard the bus, beret and all!

 The Paris Opera House
Views up the streets.

Humph.  Someone took my beret.

The Moulin Rouge.  Rather small and unimpressive in real life.

More views around the city.

Oakleys on a bus!

Le Grand Hotel

We had some amazing cheeseburgers at this Irish pub.  Yum.

There's the bus.  Au reviour bus!

Ahh yes, it is like an oasis.

The perfect way to wrap up a busy touristing afternoon.

The French flag on a blustery afternoon.

Then this happened.  Uhoh...she can stand up in bed on her own.

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