Monday, July 1, 2013

Fashion, Put It All On Me!

This afternoon, after a nap of course, we set out to explore more of Paris and see the fashion houses.  Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the heading of this post btw...

Even light posts are super fancy in Paris!

There they are in all their glory.  I went in to the Missoni store...Missoni has been my favorite couture brand since I was a teenager and read my first Vogue...something about the zig-zaggin' makes my heart flutter.  Well, I almost bought Kylie a fab baby bikini there yesterday, but the sales people made me feel so uncomfortable I had to leave!  I know, I am a rural American, I am not all wildly sophisticated and dripping in labels...but I am still a customer, and one who would have bought something if someone had been nice to me.  Just saying.  A certain baby would be fab on the beaches of Brazil in Missoni...maybe another time.

It was hard to pass this window without going in.

The view up every street is prettier than the last.

Finally, a people's park, where we can play in the grass and everything!

Lemon and sugar crepe, yum!


There's the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees.   It's kind of a long walk, so this is probably as close as we'll get.  But there it is!!

So pretty!  The views here are truly amazing.

Like I said, every turn fancier than the last.

This is apparently a famous macaron store.  I wouldn't know anything about that as I have been thwarted at purchasing macarons here 3 times, and will probably not be trying again.  Pretty window though.

Dinner time!  We went out for Indian, and I am really excited to have some naan and some butter chicken.  Yay!

Babes was pretty excited too, until she tasted some curried potatoes, turned bright red and cried.  No more Indian food for her!  Good thing we had a big bottle of milk with us to wash away that curry flavor.

Yum.  The butter chicken and chicken tikka were amazing.

Good night Notre Dame!  See you na manha!

Last, but not least, here I am statue copying Voltaire.  I know it's not *quite* as great as Eric in the previous post, but it is still for you Winstons!  :)

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