Thursday, July 4, 2013

Last Day in Paris

We took it easy on our last day in Paris. No big sights, just walking around, eating, shopping and enjoying the city. We have had such a wonderful trip. We will be back again someday! Also, it was the 4th of July! It was kind of weird being out of the US, but we did see one bar having a celebration next door to a Mexican restaurant where we had dinner.

Babes in her fave baby beret! Ready for action!

Where the treaty was signed to end the Revolutionary War! 

Whew! Exhausted from a morning of shopping!

Hydrangeas in bloom!

Notice who is playing second in Salle 1! LOL!

Book, art and junk stalls along the river!
We picked up a couple of cute prints to add to our collection.

"Love locks" on Pont des Artes!

There's ours!
We didn't throw the key into the river, as Autumn thought that was like littering.


I'm done napping!

A cute flower shop

We finally got into La Duree, and it was amazing! Clockwise from top:
Coffee and vanilla eclairs
Fancy box
Wine to accompany our afternoon snack
Flavors:  Pistachio, Orange Blossom, Ginger, Rose & Strawberry Mint (among others)

Our Paris loot!
(including a new wardrobe for the baby!)

This pic was taken by a rando street book seller, so I made her email it to me!

Au revoir Paris!
Keep it tres classy!

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