Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Instituto Brennand

It's HOT! We are at the peak of summer here, and it is HOT, HOT HOT!!! Kylie and I have been trying to beat the heat at the mall, grocery stores, anywhere that has air conditioning. Did I mention that it is HOT!!!!!

Today we headed out to Instituto Brennand, not to be confused with Oficina Brennand which we visited a few weeks ago. The Instituto turned out to be a pretty amazing museum and gardens featuring the personal art collection of Ricardo Brennand, a member of one of Recife's long time elite families! Que chic! (That's "shee-kee" with the local accent.)

 Bem vindo!

 Kylie and David

 Traveling buddies!



Say queijo!

 Secret garden

 Dog armor!
I know Grandpa Ed and Grandma Julie are getting for Christmas!

 Kylie and I set off the alarm when we got too close to a gold and diamond sword. Oops!



Later castelinho-zinho!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olinda Previa!

It's Carnaval season in Brazil!  That means there are parties and parades galore going on all around town.  This morning we got up and headed over to Olinda to watch a parade by one of the most popular blocos in Pernambuco.  A Bloco is a parading group that usually has dancers, musicians and other entertaining things in their parade, and people gather to watch and march with them.  Today we went to see the bloco Eu Acho E Pouco, and had a lot of fun!

During Carnaval kids often get to dress up in costumes.  Luckily aunt Linda sent this adorbs fairy costume just in time!  Thank you Linda!  We are ready!!

The dragon!

 Eric and the dragon.  Kylie couldn't tear her eyes from it!

Selfie cheese!


The parade begins!

That is a lot of people.  Luckily we found a little elevated ledge with space for us to watch from.

The bloco's headquarters.

Bring on the band, it's dancing time!

Shady ladies!  Kylie got a bit too hot to keep her costume on all morning.

The parade marches on.  That is a car attempting (futilely) to drive down the street.  Good luck with that!

One of Olinda's famous Carnaval puppets bidding us farewell.  What a fun morning!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Party Time!

Tonight we threw a dumpling party!  I have been learning to make Asian dumplings form scratch (more about that effort here), so we invited some friends over to taste my progress!

Prior to the party it got very windy in here.  Kylie's beauty parlor is blowing away!!

The table is ready, with the good china and crystal even.  Que fancy!

It says "Dumplings! and Gyoza!!"  I think.

Places set with care.

Eric's delicious and beautiful sake sangria.  Yum!

 The baby beauty parlor back open and ready for business!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Published in the Local Newspaper!

This week, I worked with Carmen from Autumn's office and Folha de Pernambuco, one of the local newspapers to produce an article about American food as part of their coverage of the countries that are playing in the World Cup in Recife this year! I made a cedar planked salmon with a Chinese 5-spice rub and a corn and potato chowder. Both were pictured in the paper, and the salmon was on the cover of the Gastronomy section this week! Que fun!

Distinctive and Seductive! Oh la la!

That's right folks, special thanks to Carmen and ME!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day from Eric, Autumn and Kylie!

 This week's shipment from America included Rice Krispies and heart shaped marshmallows!
Naturally, I had to make Valentines Rice Krispies Treats to take into Autumn's coworkers

Greetings from Fairy Land!
Thanks Linda!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Fun!

More fun with Kylie!

 Oops! I put myself away!

 Want to make a pizza with dad?
YES! *Kylie arms*

Ready to help wash the fruits and veggies!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oficina Brennand

This Tuesday, Kylie and I ventured out to Oficina Brennand. A sculpture park / museum / ceramic tile factory of the locally famous artist Francisco Brennand. We also had Firyuza and Aya along with us, which was great. The park was a great place to let the girls run around and had some very interesting sculptures. Even the museum was very baby friendly, although the tile sample showroom was probably their favorite part, since it was a "yes touch" area. The gift shop also did double duty as a wine bar, so it is definitely a place that I would go back to!

 Please no photos! lol

 Statues and grass...
...that you can walk on!

 Best baby buds!

 A museum full of virtually unbreakable statues! YES!

 Mosaics, sculptures and stained glass, oh my!



 I liked the more primitive style artwork

 Warning! Wild Geese!
Also, no this grass was just for show...que sad!

 Later Oficina Brennand

 Maybe next week we'll go to Insituto Brennand!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Baby Time!

Dear normal people: Sorry, we're first time parents, and can't resist!

Dear grandparents:  You're welcome!

 Such a studious baby!

 Cheese container or hat?
You be the judge!

 Just goin' shoppin' with my purse!

 Kite flying!