Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Oficina Brennand

This Tuesday, Kylie and I ventured out to Oficina Brennand. A sculpture park / museum / ceramic tile factory of the locally famous artist Francisco Brennand. We also had Firyuza and Aya along with us, which was great. The park was a great place to let the girls run around and had some very interesting sculptures. Even the museum was very baby friendly, although the tile sample showroom was probably their favorite part, since it was a "yes touch" area. The gift shop also did double duty as a wine bar, so it is definitely a place that I would go back to!

 Please no photos! lol

 Statues and grass...
...that you can walk on!

 Best baby buds!

 A museum full of virtually unbreakable statues! YES!

 Mosaics, sculptures and stained glass, oh my!



 I liked the more primitive style artwork

 Warning! Wild Geese!
Also, no this grass was just for show...que sad!

 Later Oficina Brennand

 Maybe next week we'll go to Insituto Brennand!

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