Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Instituto Brennand

It's HOT! We are at the peak of summer here, and it is HOT, HOT HOT!!! Kylie and I have been trying to beat the heat at the mall, grocery stores, anywhere that has air conditioning. Did I mention that it is HOT!!!!!

Today we headed out to Instituto Brennand, not to be confused with Oficina Brennand which we visited a few weeks ago. The Instituto turned out to be a pretty amazing museum and gardens featuring the personal art collection of Ricardo Brennand, a member of one of Recife's long time elite families! Que chic! (That's "shee-kee" with the local accent.)

 Bem vindo!

 Kylie and David

 Traveling buddies!



Say queijo!

 Secret garden

 Dog armor!
I know Grandpa Ed and Grandma Julie are getting for Christmas!

 Kylie and I set off the alarm when we got too close to a gold and diamond sword. Oops!



Later castelinho-zinho!

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