Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun in Canada!

Today we got all packed up, picked up my dad and set off to have lunch in Canada!  We wanted to test out the border crossing, beings that the baby does not have her passport yet, and get out and do something.  Canada is very close to our fact some say it is closer to go to Canada than it is to run into town.  Regardless, there is no doubt that it is an easy trip.  I was thinking of going to Calgary for my birthday (it is only 8 hours away!  I grew up here and had no idea we were so close.  We should have gone to the Olympics in 1988...just saying!), but I have nixed that plan because it is going to be too cold there.  It is definitely on the table for a future trip though...

Miss Kylie resting up for her big day...her very first international border crossing!

We stopped to look at a waterfall and walk on a nice trail.  This trail is close to our house, and we will probably be back to walk more.  Thank you Canada, for pointing out so many hazards.  I promise, I will not venture close to cliff edges....

View of the Kettle River on the Canadian side!  Doesn't look much different :)

The water is so pretty and green!

Picturesque scene.

The water is so clean and clear you can see the bottom!

Eric and Kylie enjoying the trail.

According to my dad, if you follow this trail you will get to Vancouver in this direction, and Nova Scotia in the other direction.  Wow, those are some long trails!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally, the Golden Tiger Pathway!

After our excursions on Sherman Pass, we finally made it to the small town of Republic, WA, county seat of Ferry County.  Here they have turned their defunct railroad tracks into a gorgeous multi-use trail.  We got to walk for a long time in beautiful weather and an intoxicating aroma of the forest.  Definitely worth the long drive and the somewhat creepy town.  I get my small town, but I feel weird and out of place in other people's small towns.  Anyway, the trail was worth it and a must see for anyone who loves Eastern Washington's outdoor activities!

Here we go!

Quintessential Eastern Washington landscape.  *heart*

 Eric with Ponderosa Pine in his eyes.  Judging from this you would never guess he's actually from California!  :)

The view into the valley.

A lone pine growing on a rock.  These pines are my favorite trees in the world.  They have an independent streak, just like me!!

Miss Kylie pooped out from her day!

This trail was awesome and we will definitely be back!

The View From Sherman Pass

Today we decided to go out and take a long drive to Republic to go walking on a nice trail...and to get out of the house.  :)  On the way, we crossed Sherman Pass.  At 5575 feet, Sherman Pass is the highest mountain pass in Washington State that is maintained all year round.  Interestingly enough, it is still 2500 feet lower than Mexico City.  Anyway, we stopped at a couple of pretty overlooks along the way, and it was a spectacular day!

Sherman Pass Overlook, first stop!

Succinct and to the point.  This sums up the trail exactly.

The trees against the deep blue sky.  Did I mention how perfect the weather was today??

Scenic view point.

The trail winding through the woods.

Kylie contemplating the nature.

 Kylie wearing a Spanish Moss mustache disguise!

 Happy family!  Well, mostly happy.  We might need some baby sunglasses.

Next stop, White Mountain Fire Overlook.  The fire in question burned in 1988.  The forest is still recovering.

A map of the byway.

Eric transporting Her Royal Highness Kylie to the view point in her car throne.

The view of the fire zone.

A burned tree...

And finally, Miss Kylie giving this activity her stamp of approval.  On to the next adventure!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, we drive to Spokane at least once a week these days, and we recently noticed an interesting group that has chosen to "Adopt-A-Highway" near Clayton:  The Kanisku Family Nudist Park!

 My question is do they clean up the highway in the nude?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Colors on the Farm

Autumn, Kylie and I went out to the farm this afternoon for Sunday dinner with A's grandma, dad and Lynn. As usual, we had a little walk / photo safari beforehand. 

Today's theme:

Our growing family!








 Grandpa Ed and his pups!
 Four generations!
Great-grandma Doris
Grandpa Ed
Autumn & Kylie

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adult Fun Time!

Tonight we put Kylie down to sleep and got to cook together for the first time in ages! We even celebrated with margaritas starring Herradura tequila that we brought back from Mexico! It was a welcome first step in our return to "normal" life.

 Eric's Margaritas:
  • 1 glass filled w/ ice
  • Juice from 1 large or 2 small limes
  • 1 shot of tequila
  • 1 shot of orange liqueur
  • Top off with 7-up
  • Garnish with salt and a lime wedge
BBQ Chicken Pizza for Two!
with corn off the cob, bell peppers, cilantro and green onions! YUM!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventure to Douglas Falls

This morning I got up feeling pretty good (considering I had surgery 11 days ago), and absolutely desperate to go out and see and do something.  This something need not involve a trip to the grocery store or the doctor...seemingly my only outings these days.  I was feeling like maybe the baby was going to hamper our style of getting out and seeing the world.  Luckily, I have Eric who scoffs at such things.  We decided to pack up the baby and head off to Douglas Falls, a park just outside of Colville.  As I recall it had some easy hiking trails and pretty things to see...though I hadn't been there in about 13 years, so who knows.

Welcome to Douglas Falls!

 The falls on Mill Creek.  They were named after a guy (Mr. Douglas) who tried to harness the power of the falls and sell its potential to the US Army at Ft. Colville way back when.  This plan was not successful.  According to the educational sign, he then dedicated his life to cooking up "distilled spirits."  Given the time period in question, I think they may have meant "Moonshine"...

Eric and Kylie posing for a photo.  She loves that pouch Eric has on.  She could sleep in there for days!

The deciduous foliage is starting to turn.  Fall is nearly upon us! 

 Kylie enjoying the hike.

 We're working on perfecting the self-portrait now that we're 3.  We took many shots, but I think we're getting it down.  Everyone say queijo!

A look straight into the forest.  I can smell the vanilla scent of the evergreens just looking at this...

Mill Creek winding through the woods.

The bridge to nowhere.  Who planned this?  Who paid?  It is literally a bridge to nowhere...

 One last look at Mill Creek before we head out.  Just beautiful!

On our way through Colville we were lured by this delicious looking drawing of frozen yogurt to enjoy some ourselves.

Oh yes, what a delightful day!