Monday, September 10, 2012

The Day Our World Changed...a.k.a. Welcome Kylie!

Yesterday morning at 11:55 am it finally happened.  I was painting my fingernails, Eric was outside running...and my water broke.  Just a little, not like the movies.  I called labor and delivery at the hospital in Spokane, and they said to come down...and pack to go home with a baby.  !!  So we looked at each other, looked around, packed half the house and off we went to Spokane.  I was in labor for 22 hours (!!) before my doctor decided a c-section was needed.  Turns out the baby had a GIANT head, and she couldn't get out.  

At 10:25 am on September 10th Kylie Lourdes joined our little family.  She was 21" long, 7 lbs 9 oz and had a head circumference of 13.5".  WHAT?!  That giant head had a little cone shaped top from where she had been trying to exit without any luck.  Thankfully I live in the age of modern medicine and I had a doctor who I trusted.  Because of those two factors both Kylie and I came out healthy and strong on the other side.

Miss Kylie's first photo.  I think we're in for a treat :)

 Proud grandparents outside the nursery!

Kylie getting acquainted with her dad.

Welcome baby!

She has ridiculous sharp talons and has been relegated to wearing shirts that won't allow them out.  Kind of like a baby straight jacket.

Eric has successfully located the baby's off switch.

Miss Kylie minutes after her first bath.  She hated every second of it.

Eric and I are thrilled by the arrival of our daughter.  After 8 years of marriage and over 10 years together, we were finally ready to take this big step into parenthood.  We are so excited about the new experiences ahead and to share our lives with our new little one.  Welcome Kylie.

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