Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventure to Douglas Falls

This morning I got up feeling pretty good (considering I had surgery 11 days ago), and absolutely desperate to go out and see and do something.  This something need not involve a trip to the grocery store or the doctor...seemingly my only outings these days.  I was feeling like maybe the baby was going to hamper our style of getting out and seeing the world.  Luckily, I have Eric who scoffs at such things.  We decided to pack up the baby and head off to Douglas Falls, a park just outside of Colville.  As I recall it had some easy hiking trails and pretty things to see...though I hadn't been there in about 13 years, so who knows.

Welcome to Douglas Falls!

 The falls on Mill Creek.  They were named after a guy (Mr. Douglas) who tried to harness the power of the falls and sell its potential to the US Army at Ft. Colville way back when.  This plan was not successful.  According to the educational sign, he then dedicated his life to cooking up "distilled spirits."  Given the time period in question, I think they may have meant "Moonshine"...

Eric and Kylie posing for a photo.  She loves that pouch Eric has on.  She could sleep in there for days!

The deciduous foliage is starting to turn.  Fall is nearly upon us! 

 Kylie enjoying the hike.

 We're working on perfecting the self-portrait now that we're 3.  We took many shots, but I think we're getting it down.  Everyone say queijo!

A look straight into the forest.  I can smell the vanilla scent of the evergreens just looking at this...

Mill Creek winding through the woods.

The bridge to nowhere.  Who planned this?  Who paid?  It is literally a bridge to nowhere...

 One last look at Mill Creek before we head out.  Just beautiful!

On our way through Colville we were lured by this delicious looking drawing of frozen yogurt to enjoy some ourselves.

Oh yes, what a delightful day!


  1. Hello AUtumn,and I bet you can’t beleive this comment from me is Noriko Ikeda!! Do you remember me? I foud your HP by chance and also foud that you habe baby now!! Conglatulation!! I'm afraid that you can't understand my English but I hope you understand this comment. I'm so excited now and happy ♪ I really hope you and your family are always happy!! Take care, Be happpy, and Autumn I miss you!! I hope that I can meet you agin someday!!

  2. Noriko! Of course I remember you!! I have been wanting to get in touch with you for some time. Email me at so we can catch up. Great to hear from you!