Friday, July 31, 2015

July Instagram ++ Round Up

July was a fun, busy month.  Here are some highlights from Instagram (@autumnk0) and beyond!

Why must it rain like this???

 Tomato on the vine, pre-storm.  The storm messed up our garden somewhat.  We were able to get our plants to shelter before they were killed by the high winds, but it wasn't before they sustained some pretty serious damage.  Hopefully, they will make a full recovery.

Local fish and chips.  An excellent selection at the local restaurant.

During the storm Majuro's purse seiner fleet dropped anchorage in the central part of Majuro's lagoon in order to avoid damage.  It was an eerie sight seeing their lights out there while the lagoon churned around us.

Island sunrise.

And the lagoon is back to normal.

Here's a highlight from a tour I took of the local coconut oil processing plant.  That's a lot of oil...

 Hibiscus in bloom in Hawaii.
Yes, this.

Thank you for tucking Hello Kitty in, housekeeping!

This is Hula Pie.  For future reference.

Pink champagne.  I just love it.

Okay, I may have a fancy sunglasses problem, as evidenced by my new (awesome) Prada shades.

Fish and eggs for breakfast at Nico's on Pier 38 was amazing.  Who would have thought??

Serious ramen.

This is the Cadillac of all tonkatsu.  It's the super exclusive, only 25 orders served daily, $36 plate of tonkatsu from Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin.   It was excellent, but so was the much cheaper sandwich.

The tomatillo plant has mended enough to begin fruiting.  I cannot wait.

Horizon on fire.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back to Majuro

Today we headed back to Majuro. We even checked a taped up cooler full of cheese, bacon and chocolate as luggage!

Hello tiny islands!

The garden survived a week with the automatic sprinkler!

New swim suit!

Learning to ride my bike!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hey! We're on a Submarine!!

On our last full day in Honolulu K and I had a little date on a submarine!  We woke up bright an early and took a trolly to a boat to a real submarine.  We had all kinds of fun exploring under the sea!  We saw fish, turtles, boats, seaweed growing operations, and more!


At a certain depth, red becomes illusive.  That is why we are all blue.  Or something like that, K looks skeptical.

An airplane on the bottom of the ocean!  Don't worry, it was put there on purpose.

K is doing her best to hang loose!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Surfing Lesson

While Kylie and Autumn snuggled up in the room for nap time, I headed down to the beach for a surfing lesson. It was 90% paddling for 10% fun!

 See ya later familia!

Catching a HUGE wave!

 Luckily there was a commemorative DVD available for purchase
to showcase all of my *awesome* moves!

Oh yeah baby! Surfing in the kiddie pool!

 Later Waikiki!

Farmer's Market

This morning, we walked through the farmer's market and decided that we will be staying in Honolulu forever ;)

 Ready for something delicious!

 First stop, CORN!

Even K got in on the delicious corn action!

 I'm ready for another treat!



 Goodbye wonderful fruits, veggies and flowers!

Hello Diamond Head
(and hello broken stroller!)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hawaiian Pirate Adventure

At the last minute this morning, Kylie and I hopped onto a pirate ship to go out and find some treasure! It was pretty fun / scary (for Kylie) (ok, me too! Just kidding!). Kylie's favorite part, as usual, was when it was finally over! She got into a super adorable sword fight with a little boy while we were waiting for the taxi with lots of dramatic, choreographed sword-play!

 AAARRGGHHH! Welcome aboard matey!

 I'm ready to go home now...

 Trying to get into the pirate spirit!

 Now we're having fun...
...but still a little bit scared!

 Great views of the city...

 ...and Diamond Head


 Buried treasure!

 Wait a minute...

 Dolphin flip!

Oh no! They're after the GOLD!

 Here's your doubloon ya scurvy wench!

Now get in brig!

 Happy to be sailing back to the hotel!

 Stand back kids. I'll take care of this!

Jump! Twirl! Touch swords! Hop! Skip! Yell! Twirl Again!

Take that!