Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hawaiian Pirate Adventure

At the last minute this morning, Kylie and I hopped onto a pirate ship to go out and find some treasure! It was pretty fun / scary (for Kylie) (ok, me too! Just kidding!). Kylie's favorite part, as usual, was when it was finally over! She got into a super adorable sword fight with a little boy while we were waiting for the taxi with lots of dramatic, choreographed sword-play!

 AAARRGGHHH! Welcome aboard matey!

 I'm ready to go home now...

 Trying to get into the pirate spirit!

 Now we're having fun...
...but still a little bit scared!

 Great views of the city...

 ...and Diamond Head


 Buried treasure!

 Wait a minute...

 Dolphin flip!

Oh no! They're after the GOLD!

 Here's your doubloon ya scurvy wench!

Now get in brig!

 Happy to be sailing back to the hotel!

 Stand back kids. I'll take care of this!

Jump! Twirl! Touch swords! Hop! Skip! Yell! Twirl Again!

Take that!

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