Monday, July 13, 2015

Honolulu Vacay!

Autumn had meetings in Honolulu this week, so Kylie and I tagged along for a much needed vacation! Kylie has been growing like a weed and needed a whole new wardrobe before she STARTS PRE-SCHOOL in a few weeks! We had to power shop through a few stores and she actually has to try on the clothes now, which is a whole new level of fun / torture! Besides playing with K at the pool, we spent the week dining out, shopping and stocking up on goodies.


 Can we swim now?
You know there's a pool at this hotel, right dad?


Kylie learned to jump in the pool!

 She never wants to leave.  She will live in the pool!

 It's too sunny!

 K's first real pedicure!

 Trying to be serious, but laughing the whole time!

 Blue sparkle toes!

 Pool time again!

 Swimming with mama!

 Tiki drink!

 Matching sunglasses?

Maybe in pink?

Fancy tonkatsu sandwich at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin!

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