Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visiting my dad in Tennessee

While Autumn was on her way to Guatemala (or at least trying!), I flew over to Tennessee to visit my dad over President's Day weekend. We hung around on the boat, went for a snowy ride around the river and to the "Lost Sea", aka the world's second largest UNDERGROUND LAKE! Where is the world's largest you may ask? Read on to find out...

Me and dad on our ride around the lake.

Beautiful Tennessee in Winter
I was just glad to get away from all the snow in DC!

Thanks to Michelle for the wonderful accommodations aboard the SS Wildly Tamed!

It was also a pleasure to meet George Dickel...
...one of my new dear and personal friends!

Just a bit of an icy morning after the snow started to melt.
We were having a bit of trouble with TV reception!

Dad and Michelle at the Lost Sea.

Inside the cave...

The "Devil's Hole"

If anyone needs to make a call, I've got a phone!

Hmmm....was George Dickel here?

Until next time...!

Oh yeah....Where is the world's largest UNDERGROUND LAKE?

Lake Vostok in ANTARCTICA!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surviving Snowpocalypse 2010...

It is completely bright and clear this morning in Northern Virginia, which is a welcome change from the 36 hours of blizzard like conditions that ended last night.  Wow do we have a lot of snow.  Beings that we're all stuck here since the roads are not plowed (even one of the Interstates is closed), we had some friends over last night for tamales, a riveting game of Pit, and some Wii Winter Olympics.  It was a fun night, which ended in usual form with our neighbor banging on the inside of his door to let us know he cares...or that he thought we were being too loud (which we weren't!!!!).  Not sure which. ;-)

During the blizzard yesterday, stay out from under that tree!!

Can't go outside...might as well bake!  These are Chocolate mini-cupcakes with homemade salted caramel sauce filling...delicious.

And homemade tamales for dinner...made up a little Horchata too, and pretended we were already in Mexico!

Bright, beautiful morning.  There is not a cloud to be seen.

Maybe we'll get ambitious enough to dig our car out today.  MAYBE.  I hear we're going to have another "snow event" on Tuesday...so maybe not.

Eric with the right idea.  That is how a snow day should be spent :D