Saturday, November 30, 2013

Salvador III

For our last day in Salvador, we boarded the "Regular Sightseeing Bahia Bus", which was just about as regular as a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus gets, as the name so clearly stated. It was actually a really great way to see some of the more far-flung sites and was a nice way to spend the day between checking out of the hotel and heading to the airport.

 Ready for some regular-old sightseeing!

 A fine example of the regular power lines that were definitely NOT just a few inches from our faces during the whole trip!

 Picturesque beaches...and no sharks!

 Look swimming and boating! What?

 Barra Lighthouse

 Say "Regular"

 Yes, Kylie, you need to hold mom's hand when we're walking by cliffs!

 Lookout tower

 Pacifier popping fun with pop!

 Back to the Lacerda Elevator again!
We didn't ride it today as the bus driver warned us that the line could take more than the hour and a half time allotment for this stop!

Where's my lunch!?! #hangrymommaandbaby Restaurante Maria Sao Pedro in Mercado Modelo

 This is your reminder bracelet. Not returning it is necessary!
 Words putting order in important not is.

 Cruise ship terminal

If the souvenier backpacks are included, 
I might be interested in buying a slightly used VW Jesus hatchback!

 We guessed that the "Hot Bull" special must be some kind of extra large hot dog-zão

 Unfortunately the boat cruise portion of our regular sightseeing tour was cancelled due to sinking!
Just kidding, but seriously, this "marina" was a stop on the tour.

 At last! Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bomfim!
It's known for its mix Catholocism and Candomblé

 More Bomfim ribbons!

 Sunset over the Bay of All Saints

A quick drive by of Dique de Tororo park and its lagoon filled 
with statues of orixás (Candomblé gods!)

Our final stop was at Shopping Salvador...sister-mall to our very own RioMar! We grabbed a quick bite to eat, picked up our bags at the hotel and headed home!

Thanks for the memories Salvador!a

Friday, November 29, 2013

Salvador II

Our second day in Salvador was much nicer than the first. The weather cleared up and we got to really explore the Pelorinho / Centro Historico. The day was filled with much church peeping, more shopping and some great food! Kylie was such a super trooper on this trip and really seemed to enjoy touring around.

 What a difference a day makes!

 Soho Sushi for lunch! Great way to restart the trip!

 Back at Lacerda Elevator in the historic center

 Wow that's a long line! Good thing we are staying up top today!

 View over Bahia de Todos os Santos at Palacio Rio Branco


Terreiro de Jesus (Plaza) and the Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Domingos Gusmão
Say that three times fast!

 Catedral Basilica...
...time for a tour!

 Ooh! Ahh! GOLD!

Que fancy!

 Autumn at the Archaeology Museum
So pretty!

 Igreja de São Paulo dos Clergios

 Junkeria Avenue!

 Welcome to the Pelorinho!

 Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosario dos Pretos

 Awesome ceiling fresco

 Azulejo tilework

 Bomfim ribbons

 Traffic jam!

 A cute sidewalk cafe...too bad we were still stuffed with sushi!

 Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco...
...Man! They just don't give you a break on these church names!

 Quick trip back to the hotel for a nap, then onwards!

Dinner at Casa de Tereza where we shared the tasting menu of Bahian cuisine!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Salvador

We couldn't make it all the way home for Thanksgiving this year, so we took advantage of cheap flights on a non-Brazilian holiday, and flew to Salvador in the state of Bahia just a little over an hour south of Recife. Salvador is the 3rd largest city in Brazil, and had a ton to do! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating. But, we made the best of a rainy day, reorganized our tourism schedule and spent the day indoors (as much as possible).

 A soggy start to our vacation!

 Palacio Rio Branco

 The Lacerda Elevator connecting the upper city "Pelorinho" to the lower city marina.

Old stuff!

 View from the top...

 ...and down below.

 A soon to be remodeled shopping!

 Mercado Modelo

 Ready to shop!

We're in a junkeria-zão!

 Still raining...

 ...nothing a caipirinha (or three) can't fix!

 Sleepy lady

The rain turned into a torrential downpour that lasted for hours,
so we were left with the option of "sun meat wint milk pirão" or grilled chicken...

...we opted for the grilled chicken!

We braved traffic back to the hotel after lunch, and hunkered down for a quiet night in with an almost pizza. However, we made up for it on Sunday when we got back and cooked a full turkey dinner. YUM!