Sunday, November 10, 2013

Praia dos Carneiros - II

We got up early (as usual) for an action packed day of fun in the sun! We started off with swimming and snorkeling in the natural pools formed by the reef. After a quick hammock nap, we had lunch next door at Bora Bora, then headed back to the reef at low tide to check out the tide pools. One more nap, then we walked down to the sand bar near the mouth of the Rio Formoso at sunset!

 Oooh! That's chilly! (not really)

 Chicken wing!

 Swimming practice

 Fun at the beach

 Snorkel time!

 Creepy mangroves, bubbles and fish-zinhos!

 Greetings from paradise!

 Whew! I'm all tuckered out!

 Time to relax...

 Lobsters, beer and babies at Bora Bora

 Tide pools!

 A moment of peace and quiet


 An official snail meeting, the spikiest pool in town and a quiet pool


 Exploring the reef

 Plotting her next move...

 More beachy fun!

 A local "taxi"

 Sand bar at the mouth of the river

See you again tomorrow!

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