Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Salvador

We couldn't make it all the way home for Thanksgiving this year, so we took advantage of cheap flights on a non-Brazilian holiday, and flew to Salvador in the state of Bahia just a little over an hour south of Recife. Salvador is the 3rd largest city in Brazil, and had a ton to do! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating. But, we made the best of a rainy day, reorganized our tourism schedule and spent the day indoors (as much as possible).

 A soggy start to our vacation!

 Palacio Rio Branco

 The Lacerda Elevator connecting the upper city "Pelorinho" to the lower city marina.

Old stuff!

 View from the top...

 ...and down below.

 A soon to be remodeled shopping!

 Mercado Modelo

 Ready to shop!

We're in a junkeria-zão!

 Still raining...

 ...nothing a caipirinha (or three) can't fix!

 Sleepy lady

The rain turned into a torrential downpour that lasted for hours,
so we were left with the option of "sun meat wint milk pirão" or grilled chicken...

...we opted for the grilled chicken!

We braved traffic back to the hotel after lunch, and hunkered down for a quiet night in with an almost pizza. However, we made up for it on Sunday when we got back and cooked a full turkey dinner. YUM!

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