Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we all dressed up and went to a spooky Halloween party!

The costume fits!  One little cupcake ready to party!

Fright-tuccini and eyeballs?!  One spooky entree ready to go, complete with carved watermelon jack-o-lantern!

Oh no!  An impromptu humungous parade nearly spoiled the fun...luckily, we know the back roads and were able to make it to the party on time.

Say queijo!  Mark Antony, Cleopatra and a darling cupcake pose for a pic!

The royal couple :)

Oh no!  Tiny cupcakes are afraid of werewolves...even werewolves with candy!

Phew!  Luckily she has Mark Antony to save her!

Babies love candy!!

Eric gave a pumpkin carving demonstration.  Again, his pumpkin carving skills are unmatched!

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