Saturday, November 9, 2013

Praia dos Carneiros - I

Since getting back from R&R, we have made it our mission to get out and see more of Brazil! We are now 100% vaccinated, K is getting to be a better traveler, and we have almost reached the one year mark!!! Our first trip (of many more to come) was to another beach 60 miles south of Recife. We stayed at a little bungalow beach resort and did nothing but walk, swim, eat and RELAX!!

 Our little bungalow!

 Next stop, hammock...
...we should really get one of these at home.

 So many palm trees!
And the moon!

Ready for the beach

 Natural pools

 Seriously? This could be a corona ad!


I found my new screensaver!

K playing near the tide pools

 This area used to be coconut plantations

A late night amphibious visitor (not the last!)

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