Thursday, September 27, 2012

The View From Sherman Pass

Today we decided to go out and take a long drive to Republic to go walking on a nice trail...and to get out of the house.  :)  On the way, we crossed Sherman Pass.  At 5575 feet, Sherman Pass is the highest mountain pass in Washington State that is maintained all year round.  Interestingly enough, it is still 2500 feet lower than Mexico City.  Anyway, we stopped at a couple of pretty overlooks along the way, and it was a spectacular day!

Sherman Pass Overlook, first stop!

Succinct and to the point.  This sums up the trail exactly.

The trees against the deep blue sky.  Did I mention how perfect the weather was today??

Scenic view point.

The trail winding through the woods.

Kylie contemplating the nature.

 Kylie wearing a Spanish Moss mustache disguise!

 Happy family!  Well, mostly happy.  We might need some baby sunglasses.

Next stop, White Mountain Fire Overlook.  The fire in question burned in 1988.  The forest is still recovering.

A map of the byway.

Eric transporting Her Royal Highness Kylie to the view point in her car throne.

The view of the fire zone.

A burned tree...

And finally, Miss Kylie giving this activity her stamp of approval.  On to the next adventure!!

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