Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun in Canada!

Today we got all packed up, picked up my dad and set off to have lunch in Canada!  We wanted to test out the border crossing, beings that the baby does not have her passport yet, and get out and do something.  Canada is very close to our fact some say it is closer to go to Canada than it is to run into town.  Regardless, there is no doubt that it is an easy trip.  I was thinking of going to Calgary for my birthday (it is only 8 hours away!  I grew up here and had no idea we were so close.  We should have gone to the Olympics in 1988...just saying!), but I have nixed that plan because it is going to be too cold there.  It is definitely on the table for a future trip though...

Miss Kylie resting up for her big day...her very first international border crossing!

We stopped to look at a waterfall and walk on a nice trail.  This trail is close to our house, and we will probably be back to walk more.  Thank you Canada, for pointing out so many hazards.  I promise, I will not venture close to cliff edges....

View of the Kettle River on the Canadian side!  Doesn't look much different :)

The water is so pretty and green!

Picturesque scene.

The water is so clean and clear you can see the bottom!

Eric and Kylie enjoying the trail.

According to my dad, if you follow this trail you will get to Vancouver in this direction, and Nova Scotia in the other direction.  Wow, those are some long trails!

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