Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few Days in Spokane

So on Wednesday we decided to head down to Spokane, as work on the highway 395 bridge over Lake Roosevelt (also known as the Upper Columbia River) will require a full bridge shutdown on the 5th and 6th.  Counter-measures are necessary, as the detour is 70 miles and an extra hour in labor in the car does not sound like a great plan to me.  We stayed those 2 nights out at Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights.  We had massages, great showers, good food, good company, it was a lot of fun!

On the way to Spokane, we saw this gem.  I'll take a mani-pedi-hot tub chemicals please!

In Spokane we found this fantastic bakery downtown.  There were so many kinds of cupcakes I almost fainted at the sight of them!  They also had many other delicious baked goods (including some spectacular looking Nanaimo bars I'll have to get before I leave the area).  I am a fan!

Yes that is a business called "BBQ's Tanning Beds".  I did not photo shop that.

In baby news, I did not go into labor while the bridge was closed.  In fact, my doctor does not think I will go into spontaneous labor, judging from my exam today.  He thinks I will have to be induced next weekend.  I haven't counted the baby out yet...hopefully she will come on her own.

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