Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finally, the Golden Tiger Pathway!

After our excursions on Sherman Pass, we finally made it to the small town of Republic, WA, county seat of Ferry County.  Here they have turned their defunct railroad tracks into a gorgeous multi-use trail.  We got to walk for a long time in beautiful weather and an intoxicating aroma of the forest.  Definitely worth the long drive and the somewhat creepy town.  I get my small town, but I feel weird and out of place in other people's small towns.  Anyway, the trail was worth it and a must see for anyone who loves Eastern Washington's outdoor activities!

Here we go!

Quintessential Eastern Washington landscape.  *heart*

 Eric with Ponderosa Pine in his eyes.  Judging from this you would never guess he's actually from California!  :)

The view into the valley.

A lone pine growing on a rock.  These pines are my favorite trees in the world.  They have an independent streak, just like me!!

Miss Kylie pooped out from her day!

This trail was awesome and we will definitely be back!

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