Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Daughter the Ham

While recovering in the hospital after Kylie was born a photographer from Bella Baby Photography came to our room for a photo shoot!  It was fun, and the photographer made EVERYONE look good.  Even a splotchy pale baby and a woman recovering from surgery.  That alone was worth every penny!

Kylie, looking thoughtfully into the distance.  Probably thinking of food.

I know this one is supposed to be about the precious little feet and hands, but I love the expression on her face.

The aforementioned talons...they came out triangle shaped.  !!  Probably to inflict the most damage possible.

Guess whose are the blue ones!!  Pretty good considering I had to finish giving myself that manicure while in labor.

La Familia Oakley.

For regular followers of this blog, though we will be posting many pics of the baby on a regular basis (especially in the coming 2 months), do not worry.  We are not shifting the focus of this blog away from travel.  Right now we are not doing a lot of travel (obviously), so we will be writing about the new thing in our lives more.  Once we start moving around again, you can bet you will see the same fun travel posts you are used to...just with a baby in tow!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Welcome to the world, Sweet Kylie! Congratulations Mom & Dad! (Autumn, you ALWAYS have the BEST manicures...EVER!)