Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holly's Wedding

Today we got to get all dressed up to go celebrate the wedding of Eric's cousin Holly!  Since we so rarely get to attend these types of functions, we were really excited.  However, living abroad has ruined someone's sense of when guests should arrive to a party.  (I'll give you a hint, his name starts with an E!)  After I mentioned we might need to be very prompt to this event, as the invitation said the wedding was at 3:00, Eric laughed in my face!  Hahaha, Autumn, if we listened to you, we would always be the very first one to arrive at any party said he.  So, we arrive at the wedding at a fashionably late 3:20, and we had missed the entire ceremony.  All of it.  The reception was in full swing.  Lesson learned?  I certainly hope so!

Anyway, it was really fun seeing all the family and visiting.  The venue was gorgeously decorated, and the company was fantastic!

All dressed up in goin' to town outfits!

The happy couple, looking fabulous!  Congratulations!!

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