Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olinda Previa!

It's Carnaval season in Brazil!  That means there are parties and parades galore going on all around town.  This morning we got up and headed over to Olinda to watch a parade by one of the most popular blocos in Pernambuco.  A Bloco is a parading group that usually has dancers, musicians and other entertaining things in their parade, and people gather to watch and march with them.  Today we went to see the bloco Eu Acho E Pouco, and had a lot of fun!

During Carnaval kids often get to dress up in costumes.  Luckily aunt Linda sent this adorbs fairy costume just in time!  Thank you Linda!  We are ready!!

The dragon!

 Eric and the dragon.  Kylie couldn't tear her eyes from it!

Selfie cheese!


The parade begins!

That is a lot of people.  Luckily we found a little elevated ledge with space for us to watch from.

The bloco's headquarters.

Bring on the band, it's dancing time!

Shady ladies!  Kylie got a bit too hot to keep her costume on all morning.

The parade marches on.  That is a car attempting (futilely) to drive down the street.  Good luck with that!

One of Olinda's famous Carnaval puppets bidding us farewell.  What a fun morning!

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