Monday, July 1, 2013

Notre Dame and a Proper Baby-Lady

So this morning's activity was to walk over to Notre Dame and explore the area more thoroughly.  Mission accomplished!

Good morning!  First stop: Starbucks!

That is one fancy gate.

More views up the river.

Very large and beautiful building near Notre Dame.

Good morning!

The little flowers in the grass were beautiful!

But again, this grass is only for show.  No fun allowed!!

Oh la la!

La Familia Oakley enjoying Paris!
Notre Dame Cathedral.  We decided (per usual) that the line was too long to go inside.  We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the outside grounds of the cathedral.

One of the cathedral's towers.

And some flying buttresses!  This is a gothic building.  Know how I know that?  It's wearing too much eyeliner and listening to death metal all night.  HAHA! 

While walking through the area, we found the ultimate in cuteness:  the baby beret!  We got it for the hilarity factor, but Kylie loves it.  Kylie tears hats off her head immediately, but not this fancy-pants beret.  The beret stays on!

An American in Paris.


The roses are in bloom.

One last look at the cathedral from the back.

Stink faced baby.  Grrr!  Was someone trying to take her beret??

Such a beautiful city.

Cupcake stop!  The person running this shop was an American blaring some country music inside.  It was a delightful surprise...and the cupcake was really good too!

Back to our accommodations for baby nap time!  Au reviour!

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  1. Baby beret!!! That is awesome. I was just thinking the only thing missing in your Eiffel Tower/baguette photo was a beret. ;) Now you are all set.