Monday, March 3, 2014

O Castelo de São Jorge e Mais!

This afternoon we piled ourselves into a taxi and set off for the Castle of São Jorge, perched up on a hill overlooking Libon.  We winded up and up and up through historic, narrow streets and in and out of the path of the streetcars until we finally arrived.  It was very windy up top, but what a sight!

Oi gente!!  We made it to the top!

The castle grounds were beautiful, with olive trees all around.

We lingered over these amazing views of Lisbon and the Tagus River.

Happy fam!

It was so pleasant meandering through the grounds.

 What's a lion say, Kylie?  RAWR!

Baby cannoneer?

Approaching the castle entrance.

There was a guy sitting in here playing guitar.  It was the perfect setting.

Say queijo!

The sprawling castle interior.

The view from the other side.

This could be an ad for the baby backpack, right??  Walking around up in the castle's ramparts (that's right, special castle words!) was a bit scary.  The railing, when present, came up to one's knees.  Babes needed to go in the backpack, much to her chagrin.  ("Wah-k, wah-k, wah-k, *cry*).

Afternoon shadows in the courtyard.

On our way out of the castle we encountered two cats (Mao!), some peahens and this peacock with his plumage on full display.  He was so cool, I had never seen that before!  And don't you dare consider going into that cafe.  That guy is serious.

After the castle we decided to walk back to our apartment.  The journey took us past this church, Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, or the Cathedral of St. Mary Major of Lisbon.  We were super excited to find it open to visitors!

 The beautiful stained glass illuminated by the afternoon sun.

We walked through more churches,  past streetcars and old buildings, in and out of stores, including one I spotted from the taxi earlier and managed to find on my own (hell yes!).  It had the most beautiful ceramics in the window, I am so glad we found it again!  Afterwards, everyone needed a break.  We found this cute street cafe and enjoyed some cerveja e batatas fritas.

Industrious baby.  Everything, including french fries, is better when served out of a tiny box, right?  #cafelife


  1. It is so impressive that you are blogging while on vacation!

  2. Kylie's naps times are some built in blog time. We just drink wine and blog away while she sleeps! :)