Monday, March 10, 2014

Dublin 5

Today is our last day in Dublin, so we crammed one more morning of touristing in! We stopped by the Queen of Tarts for breakfast on our way to St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then spent an hour searching for diapers and wipes that I had forgotten to pack that morning. We averted a near diaper-disaster and hurried through the cathedral on our way back home to pack. Whew!

 O'Connell St. and the Dublin Spire (the tallest structure in the city!)

 Greetings from the Merchant's Alley

 First breakfast at McDonald's (no Sausage McMuffins in Brazil!)
Second breakfast at the Queen of Tarts!

 Sun coming up over the city

 We stumbled upon St. Catherine's while searching for emergency diapers!

 St. Patrick's Cathedral at last!

 None shall pass...just kidding 5 please.

 Originally built in 1254!

 The stained glass was impressive!

 More floor mosaics





 Very old flags

 View from the pulpit

 A harp? What a coincidence that the building was restored by Sir Benjamin Guinness in 1860!

  A high cross!

This stone was found in St. Patrick's well and dates from AD 450! So old!

Thank you Johnathan and Krissy for a wonderful time!!!

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