Friday, March 7, 2014

Dublin 2 - Dublinia, Christ Church & Dublin Castle

This morning we hit Starbucks and got a cab over to Dublinia, Dublin's premiere Viking Heritage Museum and Christ Church Cathedral. Krissy was our hilarious tour guide, as usual, and much fun was had by all. Kylie really seemed to enjoy herself on this outing...possibly due to my pocket full of grapes and cookies to help keep her happy in the baby backpack! After lunch we walked home through Dublin Castle and St. Stephen's Green; then picked up party supplies for the evening.

 Aviva Stadium near Hotel O'Winston

 Christ Church medievaly!

 Another view of Christ Church

 Kylie having fun while reenacting statues...
...I think this is the "Why god? WHY!!???" diorama.
 Kylie's name translated in runes!

 Torture and learning!

 The nave 
(yeah that's right, I studied architecture!)

 Fancy floor work

Awesome stained glass!
 Ready to shop

 Wow that's tall!

 Last view of the cathedral

 Dublin Castle


 Is there a princess in the Norman Tower?

 Dubh Linn Garden

 Seriously, though, is that where they keep the kidnapped princesses? 
Where's Mario when you need him?

 The Chapel Royal

 Another church

 Awww...all tuckered out!
And Kylie's asleep too!

Knobs & Knockers & Guinness! Oh my!

 A peaceful walk through St. Stephen's Green

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