Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome to Panama City!

Today was our first day in Panama with Carri and Jason!  We went out for our first tourist excursion today.  At first we tried to catch the red double decker tourist bus at Mi Pueblito, a recreation of a village.  After a spin around Mi Pueblito, the bus was nowhere to be seen!  We hopped into a cab and went to check out the Panama Canal, and it was amazing.  I got to wave at a cruise boat going through!!  We ended the day with a Peruvian feast.  It was a good day for all!

Hola from Mi Pueblito!

The replica village in its lonely glory.

Cheese with a peeker!

Cow selfie!

Finally, we approach!  Miraflores!

There goes a cruise-liner...everyone wave!!!

The dad-nap-o-matic!

A cargo vessel preparing for passage.

And here comes an enormous cargo vessel.  A ship like that pays about $330,000 US to transit the canal.

After we had our fill of canal, we went back to the apartment to relax.  Baby hammock peek!

More hammock fun!

The pool!

Tropical flowers in the afternoon.

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