Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Panama Adventure Tour - Part 1

For our second day in Panama, we loaded everyone up for a GROUP TOUR! After an hour drive across the continent (lol), we arrived at a dive shop, hopped into a boat and rode out to a secluded jungle cove! Yay! Kylie was pretty tuckered out, so we borrowed our guide's travel hammock and took a quick nap while Carri and Autumn snorkeled. Quick baby exchange and then it was my turn for some underwater fun. Then we packed up and had a drive-by boat tour of the Portobello ruins of an old Spanish fort before heading back to the dive shop for lunch and a wardrobe change.

 1,000 lbs of baby crap? Check!

 Our Panama Adventure awaits!

 Caribbean waters!

 Autumn, Jeff (our guide) and our 12 year old boat captain!
Wait, I'm having flashbacks to Mexico haha!


 Pre-nap swim

 Ooh! That's cold
(compared to our 90 degree water back home at the equator!)

 Sir Francis Drake's shipwreck!

 Nap time!
(P.S. I want one of these!)



 Fish parade

 More underwater fun!

 Photo collage!


 Can you find the big momma needle fish and her babies in the grass?

Shady ladies!

Say sunburn!

Portobello ruins...oh that's it?...oh and we're not stopping?....um, ok!

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