Thursday, April 3, 2014

Panama 4

This morning, Carri, Jason and I loaded up in a cab with Kylie and headed over to the Parque Natural Metropolitano for another hike. Autumn needed a bit more me time, so she stayed behind at the hotel. We pretty much had the whole park to ourselves with the exception of a VERY intense bird watcher and a couple of other normal folks. We didn't see many animals, but the scenery was beautiful.

 Beautiful morning for a hike

 Jungle/city view

 Hiking baby!

 Jungle heights

 Trail this way --->

 Jungle vines

 Swinging good time!

 Getting our Tarzan on!


 Jungle canopy

 Ants busy at work!

 We made it to the top!

 Hot, sweaty and happy to be at the peak!


Wait a minute! I think Autumn had the right idea?!?

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