Thursday, April 3, 2014

Panama City - Food Tour

This afternoon, we had our second tour with Barefoot Panama and ate and drank our way through Casco Viejo! We got a little shopping in on the boardwalk before the tour, and a bird pooped right in Kylie's snack cup... BULLSEYE right in the Goldfish crackers! This did not bode well for having a happy lady on the trip, but more on that later. Jeff met us at Cafe Bajareque then led us around town for more snacks and drinks. Everything was delicious!!

 Shopping on the boardwalk under the bouganvilla and LOVING Panama
(in spite of getting pooped on!)

 Views over the Pacific!

 Before the tour began, a random snake charmer asked our guide, Jeff, to hold his snakes for "un momento" and then ran off! Kylie was pretty much the only one happy about this turn of events, and took the opportunity to pet the snakes a few times! Ssssssssssss....

 A much needed caffeine boost!

 Aaahhh! Cute colonial architecture!

 Ruinas! Dios mio!

 Gourmet treats at Super Gourmet! Root beer, chocolate, tap water ice, oh my!

 Kylie got a cranberry snack refill and dad got fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice!

 More ruins

 Our little tour group

 Clockwise from top: 
Big church, Panama hats, El Thundercats (#bestdecalever!), and Panama City

 Num, num num!

 What?! That looks totes safe for some parquearing!

 Microbrews at the "Golden Frog"

 Looks like Jason was drowning his sorrows while the girls posed! haha!

 Last stop (for K and me)...the Marina!

 Fresh fish!

 Say "Ceviche"

The only thing loco about the ceviche was how crazy good it was!

K had a bit of a meltdown at this point (read was going through goldfish cracker withdraws), so the two of us hopped in a cab back to the apartment for some pool time while everyone else finished up the tour and went out for dinner.

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