Friday, April 4, 2014

Panama Viejo

Kylie had still not recovered from the goldfish/bird poop incident last night, so the two of us stayed behind this morning for some much needed sleep, swimming and relaxation. Carri, Jason and Autumn headed out for a morning of breakfast and exploration, and we all caught back up together at the Panama Vieja ruins. After the worst cab ride of our lives (think no AC, a crazy jibber-jabbering driver that was blasting evangelical radio in Spanish at 1000 decibels and insane traffic), we emerged at the wonderful, air-conditioned oasis of Reprosa for some serious shopping. Afterward, we had Lebanese food for lunch (Carri and Jason's first time!) then went back to the apartment to relax by the pool with a backyard barbeque!
 Einstein head!

 Breakfast goodies

 Panama Viejo y nuevo

 Air plants

 Las ruinas

 El Torre

 Woo-woo! Hot mama!

 View out to el oceano

 That's some pretty professional looking graffiti!

 Another UNESCO World Heritage Site checked off the list

 More ruins

 A shady lane


 Family photo


 Finally! The good stuff!

Reprosa at last!


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