Saturday, March 10, 2012

Later That Day...

So after the beautiful morning we had at the Basilica we came home to work on some departure stuff before we were supposed to leave to go out with friends. Just as I was slipping on my cutest leopard print dress, one of the craziest storms I had ever seen bared down on us!!  Out of nowhere!!!

Some parking attendants trying to keep the drain clear with a broom...kind of futile.

A little later.  The guys gave up on the drain...then this taxi floated by.

Undeterred,  we put on our most waterproof boots and coats, grabbed umbrellas and hit the town!  Here's a shot of the street on the way out of Polanco...that is ice floating in the flood.

Looks like snow!!  It's actually hail...hail that stayed on the ground for 24 hours after storm.  Amazing stuff!

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