Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun with Kylie

Warning! Excessive cuteness! Proceed with CAUTION!!!

SO, Kylie is growing and changing each day, and basically one-upping her own cuteness factor at each turn. Here are some ridiculously cute happenings around Casa Oakley these days! Also, we dug through the "clothes that don't fit yet" bin, and found some real treasures!

 Waterspout? Very specific downpour? Eyeore, or somebody with their own personal black raincloud?
You be the judge!

 Out of ideas for the baby?
Put her in a reusable shopping bag / swing / baby elevator / peekaboo fort!
Our housekeeper was laughing her a$# off with this one!

 Fun with the peeker!


 This is one of K's current favorite toys!

 Cropped baby top and Daisy Duke shorts! Classic!

 Oh yeah! We had a power outage, and thus a romantic candelit dinner!


 Send in the clowns!

 I really wanted to win this boat for Brazilian Father's Day! haha!
This one's for you O'Winstons!

Crocs are baby tooth indestructible!


  1. Yeah - new pictures! You have made me smile!

  2. Nice boat - I'll have to show J. He'll want one. Also....kyleidoscopic? Eh? Eh?