Saturday, September 13, 2014

Party Time!

Today was Kylie's big day...birthday party day!  She had eight little friends over to help her celebrate.  In the end, our house was covered in a thin layer of chips and frosting, but it was well worth it.  Kylie had a fabulous party, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with her!

Kylie's birthday cake, chocolate cupcakes with mango buttercream, made specially by Kylie's super talented daddy.

The decorations are ready!

Funny hats?  Check!

Balloons in my princes castle?  For me??  (Only about five of the balloons flew out the window, so that's good lol.)

Eric made this amazing balloon animal palm tree.

And he made this popular raspberry punch with pretty frozen ice balls.  He could be a pintrest star, seriously.

Nine children in your house under the age of 5?  Everyone needs a margarita.  The good stuff, made with Herradura.

Snacks in place.

Best friends wearing silly hats together.

Here's to two years of successful parenting.  Baby''s happy, healthy, and alive.  Good work.

The animal masks were especially popular amongst party-goers.

"Mama, I a cow!!"

 Love with mama.

Recife's happiest birthday girl.

The man who made all this possible, Kylie and her superstar daddy.

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