Monday, November 24, 2014

Pies! Pies! Pies!

We finally made it back home just in time for winter! After our long trip from Brazil, we're back in Washington for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. We settled in quickly and were put to work even more quickly! We spent Sunday outfitting the family for frosty weather with Crazy Grandma Cathy in Spokane. After a good night's sleep, we drove into the Little Gallea for breakfast with Grandpa Ed & Uncle Ben (just like the rice!!).  Then we headed out to the farm for an action packed day of egg collecting for Kylie, pie baking for us and loads of Sesame Street and playing! Grandma Lynn picked up dinner from Rancho Chico and was the true hero of the night!!

 I get those eggs!

 Bom dia galinha pintadinha!

 A friendly helper!

 From "chicken Tijuana" to Kowitz Family Farms Egg Division!

 Havin' too much fun!

Special helper @ lunch!

 From this... this!


 The best ingredients...

 Working hard, or hardly working?

 Ready to roll!

Clockwise from top: Apple, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Cherry!

 Falling leaves cherry pie

Finished pies cooling!

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