Sunday, February 22, 2015

Visit with Aunt Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn came out to visit for a long weekend. Unfortunately it coincided with some awful winter weather. But I always say that if you let bad weather stop you in DC, then you would never be able to do anything here! haha! We faced bitter cold and a blizzard, but visited the National Mall twice. Otherwise, we just laid low, braved a typical NoVa power outage and had a great time!

 Ridin' the Metro

 Say brrrr!

 A beautiful, but cold day for visiting the Mall

 Cutie cheeks!

My first attempt at using the veggie noodler

 Braving the storm...

 Honest Abe

 Blizzard cam

 Korean War Memorial

 Pretending to be happy in the snow...

 ...actually happy to be out in the snow!

 WWII Memorial

Back home safe and sound to bake cookies!
Kylie's "helpful" method for adding the chocolate chips and M&M's is to put them in one at a time!

Thanks for a great visit Jacquelyn!!

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