Friday, October 30, 2015

Jacquelyn Visit - Part 1 - The Corn Maze of DOOM!!

Let's go to a corn maze.... seemed like such a good idea at the time...

....but one hour in the corn maze is an eternity.....

Today Jaquelyn came to visit, and as you may guess, we went out to The Plains, VA for afternoon tea, corn maze "fun" and pumpkin picking. The corn maze was pretty awful, but everything else was a blast! I'm so glad that J got to come out to visit on this trip!

 Welcome to the Virginia countryside!

  This way to Crest Hills Antiques & Tea Room

Yummy teas!

 Tea sandwiches and other fancy things

 Scarecrow contest!

 Welcome to the corn'll never make it out ALIVE!

 Oh look, they have slides....

 30 minutes later...


 Oh this will be fun...

 Uh, we're kind of far from the farm...

 Now, where are we...?

 I see it!

 It's the end! 

 Ok, let's get the pumpkins and GO!

 Just one more slide!

Let's carve!

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