Monday, December 21, 2015

Home for the Holidays: Seattle

We packed our bags for a month-long holiday extravaganza back home, and headed off-island for our first stop...Seattle!

 We've got a stowaway!

 Chillin' at the Honolulu airport at 3:00 am...

 The next day (fully re-supplied by Target!)

 So old!

 Hall party Santa


 Playin' legos with dad!

So many cousins!

 Sword-fightin' with James!

Serious present-opening business


 More tool time!
(Good present Grandma Julie!)
 Can't get enough cousin James time!

 A ring!

Can I pack these home with me?
 Pike Place Market! A perennial favorite stop!

 Family selfie

Airport Santa!
(wasn't fooling anyone)

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